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1 August 2020

NU Toilet Suite with Installation ($299.00)

Heated Towel Rail ($99.99)

Tile Paint 1L ($19.99)

Kitchen and Bathroom Paint 5L ($29.99)

Kitchen Soft Touch Mixer Tap ($79.99)

Tap Accessories Assortment ($4.99)

Assorted Plumbing Tools ($14.99)

Drain Suction Pump, Flexible Drain Cleaner or Pipe Cleaner 5m ($7.99)

Bolt Cutter or Swedish Pipe Wrench ($13.99)

Assorted Dynagrip Epoxy Putty or SOS Silicone Tape 3m ($7.99)

Enduro Shield ($24.99)

Drain Cleaner Gel 1L ($4.99)

Assorted Sweet Pastry Biscuits 150g-165g ($3.49)

Dutch Masters of Cookies Biscuits 150g/175g ($2.49)

Syrup Wafers 250g ($2.49)

Spekulatius Tin 400g ($6.49)

Speculaas Spread 400g ($4.99)

DE RUIJTER Chocolate Sprinkles 400g ($4.99)

Chocomel 1L ($2.99)

Katja 500g ($5.99)

Van Slooten Fruit Gums or Liquorice 300g ($3.29)

Van Slooten Lowland Liquorice Mix or Pretty Pink Cadillacs 200g ($2.99)

Dutch Rusks Wholemeal 125g or Original 100g ($1.99)

HAK Red Cabbage with Apple 355g or Sauerkraut 340g ($2.69)

Conimex Sambal Oelek 190g or Ketjap Manis 240ml ($3.99)