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7 November 2012

ABS Carry-On Suitcase ($39.00)

Polycarbonate Suitcase ($79.00)

TSA Luggage Locks ($7.00)

Luggage Scales ($9.00)

TSA Luggage Straps ($5.00)

Scholl Flight Socks ($24.00)

Premium Language Learning Sets ($24.00)

Mini Travel Guides ($6.00)

A5 Travel Journal ($3.00)

Puzzle on the Go Books ($2.00)

Protane Dry Shampoo 195g ($4.00)

Travel Hair Dryer ($9.00)

Sky Candy Travel Sweets 200g ($1.00)

Lacura Beauty - Assorted Implements ($3.00)

Lacura Beauty Nail Polish Strips ($5.00)

Lacura Beauty Nail Varnish 10ml ($2.00)

Lacura Eye Make-Up Remover Pads 100pk or Nail Polish Remover Pads 60pk ($2.00)

Lacura Beauty Nail Polish Remover 125ml ($1.00)

Face Washers 10pk ($5.00)

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor ($29.00)

Dentitex Denture Cleanser Tablets 104pk ($6.00)

AM/FM Shower Radio ($9.00)

Rexona Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray 150g ($3.00)

Beauty Bar Dove 100g ($1.00)

Tena Pads Ultra Thin Mini 20pk ($4.00)

Tena Long Liners 39pk ($4.00)

Baby Christmas Outfit ($5.00)

Baby Girl Christmas Dress ($7.00)

Baby PJ Set ($5.00)

Baby Bright Singlets 3pk ($3.00)

Tommee Tippee Baby Soothers 3pk ($3.00)

Baby Craft Convertible Car Seat ($119.00)

Cocoon DECT Baby Monitor ($39.00)

Baby Sock 3pk ($1.00)

Multipurpose Baby Cutlery 12pk ($3.00)

Kids Kreation Multipurpose Sip Cups, Bowls & Snack Cups 6pk ($3.00)

Turkey Breast Buffet 3kg ($27.00)

Turkey Breast Roast with Stuffing 1kg ($17.00)

Whole Turkey 3.4kg ($19.00)

Turkey Breast Roast 1kg ($15.00)

Turkey Thigh Roast 2kg ($18.00)

Colway Cranberry Sauce 220g ($1.00)

Whole Duck 2.2kg ($16.00)

Whole Cooked Prawns 1kg ($9.00)

3 Bird Roast 1.5kg ($29.00)

Plum Pudding 700g ($4.00)

Luxury Pudding 900g ($8.00)

Chocolate Puddings 525g ($4.00)

Gingerbread Bags Assorted 450g-600g ($5.00)

Celebre Chocolate Shortbread Selection 375g & Butter Shortbread Selection 425g ($4.00)

Peanut Clusters or Choco Crunchy 250g ($3.00)

Celebre Spiced Spekulatius Bag 600g ($3.00)

Mozart Kugeln 200g ($7.00)

Dominion Naturals Christmas Shaped Marshmallows 225g ($1.00)

Dominion Naturals Mini Candy Canes 250g 50pk ($2.00)

Moser Roth Praline Selection 300g ($9.00)

Moser Roth Christmas Nuts 100g ($2.00)

Moser Roth Mint Selection 225g ($4.00)

Moser Roth Mini Chocolate Balls 147g ($2.00)

The Cake Stall Flan Base 200g ($2.00)

Forresters Festive Tray 560g ($9.00)