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19 May 2018

Men's Merino Wool Sweat Pants


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- Excellent insulation and warmth
- Naturally moisture wicking, breathable, anti-microbial and odour resistant
- Australian Merino Wool blend with elastane for added comfort
- Sizes: S - XXLBenefits of Wool:
- Wool provides natural insulation, allowing the body to retain heat and maintain higher comfort levels.
- The natural crimp of a wool fibre enables it to keep heat close to the body by trapping tiny air pockets within the fibres.COMFORT AND BREATHABILITY
- Wool is a moisture wicking fibre that draws moisture away from the skin, releasing it into the air.
- This helps to regulate body temperature, keeping the body cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
- It will absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture without feeling clammy and retains some of its warmth even when very wet.ODOUR FREE AND MACHINE WASHABLE
- Wool is an antimicrobial material, and as a result, has natural resistance to odour.
- Wool garments do not need washing as often as synthetic materials and can also be machine washed.