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6 Feb 2019

Electric Strum Box Ukulele


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- Cigar box style electric ukulele
- Includes instructional book and play along instructional CD
- Nick Bryant's Electric Strum Box Ukulele is a 15-fret, concert scale acoustic/electric instrument that works well on its own or plugged into an amplifier. Some simple assembly required.
- Includes book with simple playing instructions and play along audio CD
- Includes ukulele strings
- Pick Up: Piezo transducer
- 32 page book included – includes step-by-step instructions on setting up strings and tuning your ukelele, plus the history of the instrument, a variety of playing and strumming techniques, chords and 10 songs to get you playing
- 26-track Electric Strum Box Ukulele CD
- With Nick Bryant's expert guidance you will learn tuning, strumming and chord-pattern techniques plus 10 classic ukulele songs
- Play with or without an amp (amp not included)