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3 Oct 2020

Metal Wall Organiser


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- Includes storage accessories and hooks
- Product will include the following in full colour box:
- Metal pegboard: 450mm x 450mm with a thickness of 1.0mm
- Wall mounting accessories: 4 wall plugs, 4 screws and 4 screw covers
- Steel shelf: 110mm x 100mm x15mm, material thickness: 1.0mm
- Small metal steel box: 80mm x 92mm x 95mm, material thickness: 0.7mm
- Large metal box: 150mm x 92mm x 70mm, material thickness: 0.7mm
- Letter holder: 100mm x 43mm x 85mm, material thickness: 0.7mm
- 4 x zinc-plated pieces with PVC top
- Wire: 3.5mm (this item does not have powder-coating finish)