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Living Aids — 12 Aug 2018

Bath Tub Rail


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Product Information




50 x 19.5 x 15cm approx.


Powdercoated and stainless steel

Maximum Weight:

Tensile loading weight 60kg

Product Type:

Bathroom Accessories


3.28kg approx.

If getting in and out of the bath can be a struggle for you or a loved one, then this Bath Tub Rail may be just the bathroom accessory you've been looking for. Providing something sturdy to grab a hold of as the user eases themselves into the bath, the handle helps to prevent users from losing their footing on the often slippery surfaces of the bathroom.


To assist you with entering and exiting the bathtub safelySimple to attach to the edge of the tub

Suitable For

Baths with a wall thickness: 72-160mm approx.

Product code 096578239839901