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DIY — 12 Apr 2018

Deco Style Mahogany Decking Stain


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Don't let the quality, look or feel of your outdoor areas diminish with time; instead give them a new lease of life with this Decostyle Mahogany Decking Stain. Designed to make your areas look new and pristine, this will also protect them from greying and weathering. A great item to have, once applied it will be rainproof in approximately 90 minutes.Features

Protects against foot traffic, weathering and wear and tearPrevents wood greyingRainproof in 90 minutesTough and durable formulation resisting cracking, blistering & peelingColours and protects your woodOne step colour

1 Year
Safety Warning

Keep out of the reach of children
Suitable For

Protecting and waterproofing all decking timber, including new, pre-treated, pressure treated and preservative impregnated wood


Deco Style



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Product code 083082199810200