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DIY — 12 Apr 2018

Deco Style Red Spray Fence Treatment


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Protect your fences with just one coat of this Deco Style Red Spray Fence Treatment. Perfect for using inside a timber sprayer, it'll ensure your fencing and sheds are safe against the elements. Odour free, this will be touch-dry and completely rainproof in one to two hours of initial application.Features

Tested vs the leading brandRainproof in 2 hours approx.Sprayable one coat formulaContainer with carry handle and screw capUse with the Timber Sprayer or with a brush for more intricate areas

1 Year
Suitable Use

Treat rough sawn fences & sheds


Deco Style




Red Cedar

Maximum Area Coverage:

30m² approx.

Product Type:


Product code 076225129399800