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Pest Control — 3 Jun 2018

Carpenters Pencils and Sharpener


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If you've ever been left searching for something to mark items with, this Workzone Carpenter's Pencils 13 Pack is just what you need. A great professional tool, keeping these in your tool box is guaranteed to come in handy. Coming in a bright yellow colour so they're harder to lose, the pack also features a sharpener.Contents

12 x Carpenter Pencils1 x Carpenter Pencil Sharpener




Approx. 25 x 55mm (1 x Sharpener), Approx. 7.2 x 14.8mm (12 x Carpenter)




Basswood, Flat-shaped Graphite, ABS Plastic

Pack Size:

13 Pack

Product Type:

Tools & Equipment

Product code 095989196570000