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18 July 2019

Powerfix Profi Telescopic Aluminium Ladder1 (£79.99)

Parkside Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner1 (£69.99)

Parkside Specialised Bit Set1 (£4.99)

Parkside Electric Nailer or Stapler1 (£16.99)

Parkside Staple or Nail Set1 (£2.99)

Silvercrest Premium Wireless Doorbell1 (£7.99)

Parkside Soldering Gun with Solder Feed (£8.99)

Parkside Flux Cored Wire Welder1 (£79.99)

Powerfix Profi Clamp Set1 (£2.99)

Powerfix Profi Aluminium Extension Lead1 (£9.99)

Powerfix Profi Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder1 (£49.99)

Powerfix Profi Multi Purpose Cord1 (£3.99)

Parkside Bit Set or Drill Bit Set1 (£2.99)

Parkside Electric Weed Burner1 (£19.99)

Powerfix Profi 45 Piece Tool Kit1 (£19.99)

Parkside Automatic Welding Helmet1 (£22.99)

Powerfix Profi Cable Tie Set1 (£2.99)

Powerfix Profi Hex Key Set1 (£3.99)

Powerfix Profi Screwdriver Set1 (£4.99)

Powerfix Profi Precision Tool Set1 (£3.99)

Powerfix Profi Assorted DIY Set1 (£2.99)

Livarno Lux LED Solar Spotlight1 (£17.99)

Powerfix Profi Aluminium Flat Bed Trolley or Folding Load Carrier1 (£19.99)

Silvercrest Wi-Fi Video Doorbell1 (£79.99)