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from Sunday, 02.08 — 2 Aug 2020

Scheppach 254mm Table Circular Saw (£99.00)

Scheppach 300mm Electric Bench Pillar Drill (£69.99)

Parkside SDS-Plus Hammer Drill (£39.99)

Parkside 1350W Circular Saw (£34.99)

Parkside Double Bench Grinder With Flexible Drive Shaft (£26.99)

Parkside Metal Shelving Unit (£26.99)

Parkside Bench Vice (£19.99)

Parkside Multifunctional Detector with Laser Range Finder (£19.99)

Parkside Cordless Screwdriver with Torque Pre-Selection (£17.99)

Livarno Lux LED Solar Spotlight (£17.99)

Silvercrest 6-Socket Aluminium Extension Lead (£9.99)

Parkside SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Bit Set (£9.99)

Parkside 10m 4-Socket Extension Lead (£9.99)

Parkside 10m 4-Socket Cable Reel (£9.99)

Tronic Rechargeable Batteries (£3.99)

Parkside Circular Saw Blade (£3.99)

Parkside Sound Level Meter (£9.99)

Parkside 46-Piece Ratchet & Bit Set (£12.99)

Parkside Adjustable Wrench Set (£7.99)

Powerfix Profi Air Wedge Set (£6.99)

Parkside 8-Piece Screwdriver Set (£5.99)

Parkside Non-Contact Voltage Tester, Satellite Finder or Socket Tester (£4.99)

Parkside Precision Tool Set (£3.99)

Parkside Multi-Purpose Cord (£3.99)

Parkside Cable Tie Set (£2.99)

Parkside Spring Clamp Set (£2.99)

Parkside Assorted DIY Accessories (£2.49)

Parkside Screw, Hook and Wall Plug Assortment (£1.99)

Parkside Wood Correction or Grout Pen (£1.49)

Silvercrest Wireless Doorbell (£6.99)