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Handy Helpers — 21 Oct 2018

Baufix Mould Remover1 (£1.99)

Aquapur Cleaning Aids1 (£1.99)

Vileda All-Purpose Microfibre Cloths1 (£3.49)

Aquapur Collapsible Basket or Bucket1 (£4.99)

Vileda Ultramax Mop and Bucket Set1 (£19.99)

Silvercrest 18V Hand-Held Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner1 (£29.99)

Parkside Ash Vacuum Cleaner1 (£34.99)

Ernesto Acacia Wood Serving Boards1 (£5.99)

Zenker Springform Baking Tin1 (£5.99)

Ernesto Baking Tin1 (£4.99)

Ernesto Measuring or Mixing Jug1 (£2.99)

Ernesto Christmas Cake Tin Set1 (£3.99)

Ernesto Silicone Mould or Cookie Cutter1 (£2.49)

Ernesto Chocolate Fondue or Hot Chocolate Kit1 (£4.99)

Ernesto Cake in a Mug1 (£2.49)

Ernesto Christmas Character Cake Tin Set1 (£3.99)

Silvercrest Professional Stand Mixer1 (£79.99)

Meradiso Tablecloth1 (£3.99)

Meradiso Apron and Oven Gloves Set1 (£4.99)

Meradiso Kids' Apron and Oven Gloves Set1 (£3.99)

Meradiso Tea Towels1 (£1.99)

Ernesto Copper Frying Pan or Saucepan1 (£22.99)

Ernesto Copper Serving or Frying Pan1 (£29.99)

Silvercrest Elecrtic Salt or Pepper Mill1 (£6.99)

Ernesto Bowl Set1 (£4.99)

Silvercrest Glass Kettle1 (£19.99)

Silvercrest Raclette Grill1 (£24.99)

Baking Book1 (£1.99)