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Car Accessories — 17 Feb 2019

Ultimate Speed 12V Oil Pump1 (£12.99)

Ultimate Speed Spoiler Wiper Blades1 (£4.99)

Ultimate Speed Car Headlight Bulbs1 (£4.99)

Ultimate Speed Car Battery Charger1 (£13.99)

Parkside Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner1 (£29.99)

Powerfix Profi Cordless COB LED Work Light1 (£9.99)

Ultimate Speed Oil Filter Wrench or Battery and Alternator Tester1 (£2.99)

Ultimate Speed Car Mat Set1 (£6.99)

Crivit Motorbike Cover1 (£9.99)

Powerfix Profi Inspection Camera1 (£49.99)

Parkside Soldering Station1 (£8.99)