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DIY Tools — 22 Sep 2016

PARKSIDE Pneumatic Drill, Saw or Chipping Hammer


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- Pneumatic Chipping Hammer With a secure, twist-free chisel guide with an hexagonal chuck Includes 5 chisels
- Pneumatic Saw With an adjustable stop bracket and safety start lever Includes 6 sawblades
- Pneumatic Drill With lever for right/left rotation and user-friendly downward-facing air duct Includes set of 10 drills and 6 bits
- Pneumatic Chipping Hammer Max. impact rate (bpm): 3,500 Max. working pressure (bar): 6.3
- Pneumatic Saw Max. stroke rate (rpm):  8,500 Max. working pressure (bar): 6
- Pneumatic Drill Max. rotation speed (rpm): 2,200 Max. working pressure (bar): 6.8

- 3 year manufacturer's warranty