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Festival Essentials — 31 May 2018

Parkside Inverter Generator1


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This powerful, portable generator uses inverter technology to provide power for electrically sensitive devices such as televisions, stereos or computers. There are a number of benefits to an inverter generator; they tend to be quieter than regular generators, as well as lightweight and portable – perfect for camping trips and festivals.

- Durable 4-stroke OHV petrol engine with reliable pull starter
- Eco-function with automatic rotation speed reduction for low power loads
- Automatic power switch-off in case of overload
- Safety shut off and start protection in case of low oil level
- 4-stroke engineNon-slip anti-vibration feet
- Includes 2 impact sockets, screwdriver and filling bottle
- Max. power output: 1,100W
- Peak power output: 1,200W
- Continuous power: 1,000W
- Voltage control: Digital Inverter
- Nominal output voltage: 230V
- Nominal current rating: 4.35A
- Fuel consumption: 0.88L/hr (at 2/3 load)
- Runs for 5 hours at 2/3 load
- 3 year warranty

- 3 year warranty