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Branded Toys — 19 Nov 2020

Brainstorm Toys Solar System, Home Planetarium & Projector or T-Rex Projector & Room Guard


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Kids can explore the wonders of the universe from the comfort of their own room with this amazing remote-controlled, motorised mobile

With 8 detailed, colour, planets that orbit the full sun

Planets can be assembled onto the 3 independent orbit mechanisms on the sun and mounted to the ceiling with the included fixings

Once mounted, the solar system is 85cm diameter at it's widest point

Remote control lights up the sun and controls the rotation of the planets

Secret code unlocks fascinating online space facts

Battery operated

Transform your little one's room into an outer space light show and let them explore the universe

This table top planetarium and projector has its own stand and the main body of the unit rotates so you can use either the

projector or the planetarium

The planetarium has 2 domes, one projecting star patterns and the other projecting constellations onto ceilings and walls

Place the black star or constellation dome onto the slots on the head of the deep space unit, gently twist to hold the dome in

place, turn the switch on to the dome projector setting and watch the images rotate around the room

Add the night light dome, and deep space becomes a cool night light with rotating stars and constellations

Swivel the unit around and use the high-quality projector to view 24 colour NASA and Hubble Telescope photographs of

spacecraft, astronauts, planets and nebulae from 3 interchangeable slide discs

Projects images up to 1m wide and still maintains clarity

Twist the lens head to focus the images on your wall or ceiling and turn the slide discs to change the photograph

Kids can unlock the secret code online to learn about the night sky and read fascinating information about each NASA photograph

Bring realistic dinosaurs into their room

This high-quality T-Rex shaped projector has 24 dinosaur images that will project onto their bedroom walls, up to 1m wide

Features 18 different types of dinosaur

T-Rex becomes the guard for the room, roaring into action with each unwanted visitor – a trembler alert makes T-Rex roar when picked up and a motion sensor detects movement

He can surprise visitors with 5 mighty roar sounds

At over 40cm long, the T-Rex makes a fantastic room decoration

Secret code unlocks fascinating online dinosaur facts

Includes bonus T-Rex door sticker