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Pest Control — 3 Jun 2018

Flat & Lock Washer Set 350 Piece


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It always pays off to have a stock of those little DIY accessories, as you never know when you may need them. That makes this Flat And Lock Washer Assortment 350 Piece kit the ideal addition to your home workshop or work van. Great for professional use too, you'll find washers in a wide variety of sizes inside the set.Contents

Washes include:50 x M430 x M530 x M630 x M820 x M1020 x M12Lock washers include: 50 x M430 x M530 x M630 x M815 x M1015 x M12





445mm x 218mm x 138mm


Common Steel, VMQ (Silica Gel)

Product Type:

Tools & Equipment

Product code 082837211044403