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Pest Control — 3 Jun 2018

Knockdown Flying Insect Killer


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Ensuring your home doesn't get over run by pests during the warmer months, this Knockdown Flying Insect Killer will make a great addition to any room. Discreet and adjustable this will last for up to 90 days, killing and repelling flying insects that make it indoors. Covering up to 30 cubic metres this also includes a built-in date reminder slider, so you'll know how long it has until it stops working.Features

Discreet adjustable unit kills and repels flying insects in the homeLasts up to 90 daysBuilt-in date reminder sliderPortable insect control, ideal for home or holiday travelIndoor use - covers up to 30 cubic metresFragrance free with no unpleasant smellsDrip and stain freeWhole room protectionPortable unit


Zero In


Approx. 100 x 23 x 80mm

Product Type:

Pest Control

Product code 084605215559500