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Workwear — 21 Oct 2018

Crane Equestrian Saddle Pad


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4 x 55 x 50cm approx.


PV cloth, Polyester filling, polyester tape, velcro

Product Type:

Pet Accessories

If your horse is your pride and joy, then you want to make sure they are as well looked after as possible. Put this comfortable, diamond-quilted saddle pad underneath your usual saddle to cushion and protect your animal's back. With touch and close straps, this quality saddle pad is easy to put on, meaning you can spend less time preparing, and more time enjoying what you love!Due to unforseen circumstances, the arrival of this product in some stores may be delayed until 24/10/2018


Diamond quiltedComfortableCut for space at the withersTouch-close strapsGirth guidesWith velcro attachments

Suitable Use

Under an equestrian saddle

Product code 087471240041800