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DIY — 20 Sep 2020

100 Piece XXL Screwdriver & Bit Set


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Workzone Material:

PP, TPR, CRV, S2, 50BV30 Pack Size:

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2.9kg (approx.)

Looking for a screwdriver and screwdriver bit set that really has it all? Look no further than this 100 Piece XXL Screwdriver & Bit Set! This impressive Workzone set features a huge range of 21 screwdrivers with easy-to-change magnetic screwdriver bits, all stored in a practical tool holder with a suspension system, making it perfect for at-home or on-the-go. Whether you're hanging up a picture frame or putting together some new furniture, this set is sure to be your new DIY best friend. Contents 21 Piece screwdriver with 2 component handle:6 x Slotted: 3.0 x 75mm / 4.0 x 100mm / 5.5 x 100mm / 6.5 x 100mm / 6.5 x 150mm / 8.0 x 150mm6 x Phillips: PH0 x 75mm / PH1 x 75mm / PH1 x 100mm / PH1 x 150mm / PH2 x 100mm / PH2 x 150mm3 x Pozi: PZ0 x 75mm / PZ1 x 75mm / PZ2 x 100mm3 x Torx: T20 x 75mm / T25 x 100mm / T30 x 100mm3 x Square Drive: S0 x 75mm / S1 x 75mm / S2 x 100mm2 Piece VDE screwdriver:Slotted: 4.0 x 100mmPhillips: PH1 x 80mm8 Piece precision screwdriver:2 x Slotted: 2.5 x 50 mm / 3.0 x 50mm2 x Phillips: PH00 x 50mm / PH0 x 50mm4 x Torx: T6 x 50mm / T7 x 50mm / T8 x 50mm / T10 x 50mm1 x Ratchet screwdriver with 60 bit shank60 Piece bits: length: 25mm (approx.), combination of slotted, phillips, torx, pozi, square drive, hex and hex bits2 Piece offset screwdrivers:PH1 - SL5PH2 - SL66 Piece nut driver bits with HEX shaft:6mm / 7mm / 8mm / 9mm / 10mm / 11mm Features All screwdrivers and bits are stored in 1 practical tool holder with suspension systemMagnetic screwdriver tipsBits are clearly assorted in "fold-out" bit holders with bit descriptionHardness of screwdrivers: slotted HRC50, PH, PZ, S, T: HRC54, Bits: HR55Includes 2 VDE screwdriversPractical and easy to handle

Product code 801281402744700