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Best of Ireland — 11 Sep 2017

CONNOLLY'S Easycook Irish Glazed Bacon Joints (€5.99)

THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER Gluten Free Irish Beef Burgers (€3.29)

CONNOLLY'S(R) Irish Pork Goujons (€2.99)

LISDUFF Irish Marinated Dry Cure Loin of Bacon (€7.49)

THE NUT CASE FOOD COMPANY Handmade Nut Burger (€3.99)

KINSALE BAY Gluten Free Cottage Pie (€4.99)

PURE & SIMPLE Gluten Free Meals (€3.49)

ATLANTIC SEAFOOD CO. OF IRELAND Shellfish Umami Pearls (€1.99)

KINSALE BAY FOOD COMPANY Gluten Free Chicken Liver Páté (€2.79)

GOATSBRIDGE(R) Trout Pâté (€2.49)

ST TOLA DIVINE(R) Irish Artisan Goat Cheese Spread (€3.49)

OLD IRISH CREAMERY Irish Cheddar Cheese (€3.49)

WICKLOW GOLD Irish Artisan Cheese (€3.49)

KNOCKANORE Irish Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese (€3.49)

BARRY JOHNS Gourmet Sausages (€2.79)

GEARAGH SAUSAGES Handcrafted Cumberland Sausages (€2.99)

GEARAGH SAUSAGES Handcrafted Traditional Sausages (€2.79)

LISDUFF Dry Cure Back/ Old Style Streaky Rashers (€2.49)

KELLYS OF NEWPORT Wild Atlantic White/ Black Pudding (€2.29)

WICKED WHOLEFOODS Premium Granola (€6.95)

BOWL A GRANOLA Handmade Oat Granola (€3.49)

INSPIRE Crunchy Granola Fruit Yogurt (€1.99)

THE BREADSKI BROTHERS Sourdough Rye & Cranberry/ Spelt Bread (€1.99)

BROGHIES Popped Grains Wheat Cracker Bread (€2.99)

GLENSTAL FOODS Irish Creamery Butter (€1.99)

BLAKES ALWAYS ORGANIC Organic Kefir (€1.99)

VELVET CLOUD Irish Sheep's Milk Natural Yogurt (€2.39)

STAMEEN FARM 100% Natural Pressed Apple Juice (€2.99)

SUSSED Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil 2 Calorie Spray (€3.39)

SUSSED(R) Healthy Heart Rapeseed Oil (€5.95)

O'NEILL'S Irish Atlantic Sea Salt Flakes (€3.79)

IRISH ATLANTIC CANNED FISH Premium Mackerel Fillets (€1.29)

GENOVESE Artisan Pesto (€4.99)

HARVEST MOON Gluten Free Fresh Basil, Parmesan & Walnut Pesto (€4.99)

DAN & MONSTRO Gluten Free Homemade Pasta/ Curry Sauce (€2.79)

HARVEST MOON Hummus (€3.95)

WILD IRISH SEA VEG Irish Organic Seaweed (€3.95)

MR CURRY Gluten Free Spicebag Shake (€2.29)

SPICE DEVILS Tropical Spice Kits (€2.99)

SPICED WITH LOVE Mexican/Sri Lankan/ Butter Chicken Spice Kits (€2.49)

MR CURRY Mild/Hot Authentic Chinese Curry (€2.29)

NATURES PHARM Instant Revitalising Green Tea (€3.99)

TIPPERARY ICE CREAM Artisan Ice Cream/Sorbet (€3.99)

POW-COW Greek Style Frozen Yogurt (€4.99)

WELLNESS BAKING LISTOWEL Gluten Free Lemon/ Peanut Butter Cookies (€3.49)

SEED NECESSITIES Roasted Seed Tubs (€2.99)

THE GALWAY FOOD CO. All Butter Shortbread (€3.99)

HONEST Gluten Free Oat Biscuits (€2.79)

SKELLIGS Handmade Chocolate Bars (€1.99)

GOOKIES Gluten Free Handmade Cookie Dough (€3.99)

KARMA ELEVATE Granola Bar (€3.49)

NATASHA'S Cluster Snack Packs (€1.49)

NATASHA'S Organic Energy Bars (€1.95)

THE MARSHMALLOW FACTORY Gourmet Marshmallows (€2.99)

LOKI & CO Low Calorie Seltzer (€2.29)

LOUGH GILL BREWING CO Pale Ale/ Crushable IPA (€2.49)

MUNSTER BREWERY Irish Red Ale/ Amber Lager (€2.49)

DAN KELLY"S Irish Hand Crafted Cider (€2.49)

KELLY'S MOUNTAIN BREW Justice Pale Ale/ Redemption IPA (€2.99)

BREHON BREWHOUSE Brehon Blonde/ Killanny Red/Ulster Black Oatmeal Stout (€2.49)

COTTON BALL Indian Summer Beer/ Kerry Lane Pale Ale (€2.99)

BLACKDONKEY Amber Ale/Irish Farmhouse Ale1 (€2.99)