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Easter Feast — 26 Mar 2018

Deluxe Irish Stuffed Carvery Leg of Lamb (€13.99)

INISVALE Rack of Lamb (€19.98)

INISVALE Irish Carvery Lamb Leg (€7.19)

DELUXE Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb (€19.98)

DELUXE Fresh Irish Whole Duckling (€7.99)

DELUXE Fresh Irish Corn Fed Chicken (€4.99)

DELUXE Irish Pork Porchetta (€9.99)

BALLY MANOR Fresh Irish Whole Turkey (€9.99)

DELUXE Irish Pork Saltimbocca (€3.99)

DELUXE Family Sharing Pies (€2.49)

DELUXE Twin Pack Pies (€1.99)

DELUXE Vegetable Parcels (€2.49)

BRAEMOOR Medium Turkey Crown (€10.99)

BRAEMOOR Turkey Breast Joints (€5.49)

BRAEMOOR Gammon Joint with Muscovado Glaze/Pork Loin Joint with Crackling (€4.99)

DELUXE Fresh Irish Boned & Rolled Turkey Joints (€13.49)

DELUXE Unsmoked Half Horseshoe Gammon Joint (€3.99)

DELUXE Irish Smoked Eye Loin Joint Wrapped in Bacon (€7.99)

DELUXE Roasted Irish Carvery Ham (€9.99)

DELUXE Cranberry & Port Sauce (€1.99)

DELUXE Ham Glaze (€1.49)

DELUXE Irish Premium Sausage Meat (€1.99)

DELUXE Irish Duck Fat (€1.99)

DELUXE 2 Beef Wellingtons (€8.99)

DELUXE Fresh Part Boned Whole Duck (€11.99)

DELUXE Fresh Irish Turkey Crown (€18.99)

DELUXE Irish Beef Topside Roulade (€11.99)

DELUXE Irish Beef Chateaubriand Fillet Joint (€26.99)

GLENSALLAGH Irish SmokedUnsmoked Half Ham Leg (€3.29)

Deluxe Crab Meat/ Claws (€2.99)

DELUXE 2 Tuna Steaks (€5.49)

DELUXE Premium Salmon Side (€8.99)

DELUXE Whole Salmon Side (€9.99)

DELUXE King Prawn Cocktail (€3.49)

DELUXE Scottish Smoked Salmon Selection (€7.99)

DELUXE Wholetail Scampi in an Oat Crumb Coating (€2.49)

DELUXE 12 Tempura King Prawns (€2.99)

DELUXE Prawn Ring (€4.99)

DELUXE Yellowfin Tuna Steak (€5.49)

DELUXE Irish Organic Hot Smoked Salmon (€3.89)

DELUXE Salmon Carpaccio (€2.99)

DELUXE Salmon Sensation (€2.99)

DELUXE Wild Salmon Caviar (€3.49)

DELUXE 2 Yellowfin Tuna Steaks (€3.99)

DELUXE Salmon in Puff Pastry (€5.99)

DELUXE Fresh Banoffee Pie (€3.99)

DELUXE Profiteroles (€3.49)

DELUXE Irish Cream Liqueur Cheesecake (€3.49)

DELUXE Sticky Toffee/ Chocolate Pudding (€2.99)

DELUXE Double Decadence Pecan/ Passion Fruit Tarts (€2.99)

DELUXE Hand Finished Salted Toffee Pavlova (€3.99)

DELUXE Chocolate Fondants (€1.99)

DELUXE Hand Rolled Toffee/Raspberry Roulade (€3.99)

DELUXE Mini Desserts (€3.99)

DELUXE Ice Cream Fancies (€1.49)

DELUXE Strawberry/Mango Ice Creams (€3.49)

DELUXE Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake (€3.49)

DELUXE Lemon/ Strawberry Cheesecake (€3.49)

DELUXE Crème Brûlée (€1.79)

DELUXE Tiramisu (€3.49)

DELUXE Green Beans Wrapped in Ham (€2.99)

DELUXE Potato Gratins (€2.49)

DELUXE Stuffed Mushrooms (€2.79)

DELUXE Cauliflower Cheese (€2.79)

DELUXE Buttery Roast Potatoes (€3.49)

DELUXE Roast Parsnips (€2.99)

JUSTFREE Gluten Free Sausage Meat (€1.99)

DELUXE Bresaola (€2.49)

DELUXE Premium Smoked Salami Slices (€1.49)

DELUXE Pigs In Blankets (€2.99)

DELUXE Spanish Tapas/Italian Antipasti Platter (€3.69)

DELUXE Infused Oil (€2.99)

DELUXE Premium Olives (€1.99)

DELUXE Assorted Soup (€1.99)

DELUXE Luxury Soup (€1.99)

DELUXE Goats' Cheese Puffs (€1.99)

DELUXE Irish Rapeseed Oil (€2.99)

DELUXE Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O (€5.99)

DELUXE Avocado Oil (€2.99)

DELUXE Hand Crafted Garlic Ciabatta (€1.49)

DELUXE Dipping Oil (€1.49)

DELUXE Duck Sausages (€2.49)

CONNELL FARM Large Fresh Irish Eggs (€1.19)

DELUXE Hand-tied Pork Sausages (€2.19)

DELUXE Black/White Pudding (€0.85)

GLENSALLAGH Smoked Irish Back Bacon Rashers (€1.99)

SOLEVITA Fresh Orange Juice (€1.49)

CONNELL BAKERY Hot Cross Buns (€1.79)

DAIRY MANOR Irish Butter (€2.19)