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Best of Ireland — 17 Sep 2018

BARRY JOHN'S Sausages (€2.79)

OH SO LEAN Low Fat Ready Meals (€3.79)

PIEMAN Pies (€3.49)

GLENN MCDOWELL Low Fat Flavoured Pork Sausages (€3.49)

CROWE'S FARM Outdoor Reared Pork Jumbo Sausages (€3.49)

CROWE'S FARM Outdoor Reared Rashers (€3.49)

KENNEDY'S Cottage Pie/Beef Lasagne (€3.99)

GOATSBRIDGE Trout Paté (€2.49)

OH SO LEAN Low Fat Pork Rissoles (€3.49)

OH SO LEAN Low Fat Mexican Turkey Burgers (€2.99)

CROWE'S FARM Dry Cure Pepper Roasting Joint (€7.99)

CHAN CHAN Hong Kong Street Sauce (€2.99)

GOODNESS ME Filled Pastries (€4.99)

IRISH BILTONG COMPANY Chilli/Original Beef Snack (€2.59)

TRUSTEA Speciality Teas (€3.49)

CHAN CHAN Spice Bag Mix (€2.99)

CURIOUS FARMER Cooking Spices (€2.49)

SPICE DEVILS Spice Blends (€2.99)

MAMA NAGI'S Indian Cooking Paste (€3.49)

TMT Gluten-Free Irish Ketchup (€3.49)

BALLYHOURA Irish Apple Cider Vinegar (€3.89)

ERNE LARDER Dry Cured Smoked Bacon Jam (€2.99)

GALWAY ROAST Ground Coffee (€4.49)

HOG HOUSE Pinchos (€2.99)

VADA POW Spiced Potato Cakes/ Sweet Potato Burgers (€3.49)

LIFE KITCHEN Handmade Desserts (€2.99)

BELLINI BROTHERS Cocktail Juice (€5.99)

TIPPERARY ICE CREAM Ice Cream/Sorbet (€3.99)

REFUGE Hot Chocolate (€3.99)

HONEST Gluten-Free Biscuits (€2.79)

WELLNESS BAKING LISTOWEL Gluten-Free Cookies (€3.49)

THE MARSHMALLOW FACTORY Gourmet Marshmallows (€2.99)

BAKED WITH LOVE Gluten-Free Split Loaf Cake (€2.69)

COBELDA Fruity Beans (€3.99)

BAKED WITH LOVE Gluten-Free Apple Crumble Cake (€2.99)

BAKED WITH LOVE Gluten-Free Mini Celebration Cakes (€2.69)

CLOTILDE'S Fruit Compote (€1.99)

NEAR TO NATURE Health Bars (€1.49)

KARMA ELEVATE Granola Bars (€3.49)

INSPIRE Granola Yogurt (€1.99)

NOISY NUTS Craft Peanuts (€3.49)


Craft Beer1 (€2.99)

FECKIN Irish Vodka (€24.99)

FECKIN Irish Gin (€26.99)

COPELAND Gin (€29.99)

THE LITTLE MEAT CO. Pulled Meats (€1.99)