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Wooden Wonders — 24 Nov 2016

PLAYTIVE JUNIOR(R) Toy Workbench/ Doll's House


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(per set)

Choose from 2 different styles

Age recommendation: 3-8 years

Doll's House

Sturdy wooden construction with large openings for playing 3 fl oors with 2 balconies and patio Gabled roof with practical carrying handle for portability

55cm x 29.5cm x 51.5cm

Toy Workbench

Made of solid wood Large tool assortment including hammer, saw, vice, spanner, screwdriver and protractor Great building accessories such as perforated rails, threaded building blocks, screws, nuts, washers and much more

Also suitable for use as a desk - with built-in paper roll

94 piece set

42cm x 36cm x 64cm