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The perfect kids' room — 17 May 2018

Fleece Blanket 130x160cm "Chubby Unicorn" (€7.99)

Rug 100x130cm or Ø 100cm "Chubby Unicorn" (€15.99)

Single Bedlinen Set "Chubby Unicorn" (€21.99)

Modelling Compound (€1.99)

Puzzle "Frozen, Princess, Cars, Sofia, My Little Pony" (€5.99)

"Avengers" Characters (€7.99)

Watch with Wallet for Children (€11.99)

Ball for Kids "Cars, Spiderman, Frozen, Princess" (€3.99)

"Disney" Cube Puzzle (€5.99)

Hopperball "Cars, Spiderman, Frozen" (€5.99)

Kids' Playtent "Cars, Spiderman, Frozen" (€14.99)

Walkie-Talkies "Spiderman, Frozen, Cars" (€14.99)

Kids' Wheels Scooter "Frozen, Spiderman, PJ Masks" (€22.99)