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23 September 2020

Crofton 20- or 30-Piece Meal Prep Containers ($4.99)

Crofton Microwave Popcorn or Omelet Maker ($4.99)

Crofton Pizza Pans ($3.99)

Crofton Mini Pumpkin Casserole Dish ($6.99)

Crofton 2.5-Quart Tea Kettle ($9.99)

Huntington Home Harvest Towel Set ($3.99)

Crofton 24-oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw ($6.99)

Crofton Reactive Glaze Mug ($2.99)

Crofton Insulated Carafe ($9.99)

Crofton Reactive Glaze Bowls ($4.99)

Pet Appreciation T-Shirt ($6.99)

Heart to Tail Collapsible Pet Stairs ($14.99)

Heart to Tail Turbo Cat Scratcher ($6.99)

Heart to Tail Dog & Cat Toy Assortment ($3.99)

Heart to Tail Small or Large Bully Sticks ($8.99)

Huntington Home Loveseat or Armchair Cover ($12.99)

Heart to Tail Pet Travel Cot ($14.99)

Huntington Home Furniture Cover ($19.99)

Heart to Tail Round or Rectangle Small Pet Bed ($9.99)

Easy Home 30-Pack Velvet Touch Hangers ($8.99)

Huntington Home 4-Tier Accessory Shelf ($9.99)

Huntington Home 4- or 5-Pack Vacuum Bag Set ($6.99)

Huntington Home Over-the-Door Hooks with Basket ($8.99)

Huntington Home Leaf Laundry Basket ($5.99)

Huntington Home Leaf Deco Basket ($4.99)

Huntington Home Leaf Laundry Hamper ($8.99)

Adventuridge Ladies' Blanket Poncho ($12.99)

Serra Ladies' Scarf Poncho ($6.99)

Serra Ladies' Faux Leather or Seamless Leggings ($12.99)

Serra Ladies' Tights ($4.99)

Serra Ladies' Fur-Lined Rain Booties ($12.99)

Huntington Home Triple Layer Candle ($5.99)

SOHL Furniture Writing Desk ($69.99)

Huntington Home Energy-Saving Window Curtain ($9.99)

Huntington Home Decorative Woven Baskets ($7.99)

Bauhn Relaxation Clock ($12.99)

Huntington Home Canvas Totes ($6.99)

Royal Class/Serra Men's or Ladies' Casual Slippers ($5.99)

SOHL Furniture Rectangular Storage Ottoman ($19.99)

Serra Ladies' Cozy Knit Slipper Socks ($3.99)

Simple Creations Fresh Chophouse Rub Seasoned Beef Ribeye Steak ($3.99)

5" Croton or Sansevieria ($4.99)

Bremer Chicken Red Pepper or Turkey Pork Spinach Meatballs ($4.99)

Gino's East Cheese or Combo Deep Dish Pizza ($5.89)

Gino's East Meaty Legend or Combo Deep Dish Pizza ($5.85)

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Spinach, Mushroom & Garlic Pizza ($3.99)

Kirkwood Chicken Breast Tenderloins ($12.49)

Kirkwood Family Size Chicken Breast Nuggets ($4.99)

Priano Manicotti or Stuffed Shells ($2.99)

Season's Choice Sweet Potato Waffle Fries ($2.49)

Season's Choice Three Pepper or Three Pepper and Onion Blend ($1.79)

Bremer Bistro Loaded Potato or Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup ($3.99)

Simmons Pecan Smoked Wings ($8.99)

Appleton Farms Diced Prosciutto or Diced Pancetta ($2.99)

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost or Coffee Protein Smoothie ($2.65)

Cookery Complete Chicken Dippers Assorted Varieties ($2.99)

Happy Farms 2% Milk Mild Cheddar or Mozzarella Shredded Cheese ($3.89)

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen 12" Gluten Free Deli Pizza Cheese or Pepperoni ($5.99)

Never Any! Andouille/Apple Bourbon Chicken Sausage ($3.29)

Perfect Bar Pumpkin Pie or Chocolate Mint Protein Bar ($1.89)

Simms Chilled Snack Sticks Pork or Chicken ($3.49)

Specially Selected Ravioli ($2.99)

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Energy Assorted Varieties ($1.88)

L'oven Fresh Tandoori Naan Bread Plain or Garlic ($2.89)

Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauce Assorted varieties ($2.29)

Chef's Cupboard Crispy Potato Skillet Garlic Herb or Parmesan ($1.19)

L'oven Fresh Split Top Potato Rolls ($2.29)

Bake Shop Fall Scones Orange Cranberry or Caramel Toffee ($2.99)

Barissimo Coffees of Fall ($6.99)

Earthly Grains Wild Rice Blend Assorted varieties ($2.99)

Celsius Sparkling Drinks Assorted Varieties ($1.88)

Priano Gourmet Pasta Sauce Assorted Varieties ($1.89)

Carlini Extra Light Olive Oil ($2.49)

Simply Nature Large Organic Coconut Oil ($8.49)

Simply Nature Green or Yellow Lentil Lasagna Sheets ($3.29)

Priano Pasta Bake Assorted Varieties ($1.99)

Badia All Purpose Ranch Seasoning ($2.99)

Papia 3PLY 24 Roll Bath Tissue ($8.99)

Daily Care Hand Sanitizer ($3.49)

Easy Home Rubber Gloves ($1.45)

Easy Home Stainless Steel Scouring Pad ($2.99)

Febreze Pet Assorted Varieties ($3.97)