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31 October 2018

Auto XS Car Organization Assortment ($4.99)

Auto XS 4-Gauge Jumper Cables ($12.99)

Auto XS Car Battery Charger ($19.99)

Auto XS Car Cover ($16.99)

Auto XS Car Seat Cushion ($4.99)

Auto XS Trunk Organizer ($7.99)

Febreze CAR Twin Pack ($4.94)

Easy Home Dual Temp Mini Glue Gun ($4.99)

Loctite Super Glue ($2.79)

Singer 32-Stitch Sewing Machine ($79.99)

Easy Home Mini Sewing Machine ($14.99)

Easy Home 12-Drawer Rolling Cart ($29.99)

Easy Home Chunky Knit Yarn ($4.99)

Easy Home Mini Sewing Kit ($4.99)

Easy Home Sewing Box ($9.99)

Crayola Activity Travel Kit ($8.99)

Hinkler Art Maker Kits ($9.99)

Crofton 2-Tier Wire Basket ($12.99)

Crofton 9.4" Frying Pan with Lid ($12.99)

Crofton Soup Mug ($2.99)

Ambiano 7-Quart Slow Cooker ($19.99)

Ambiano Electric Can Opener ($14.99)

Ambiano Hand Blender with Chopping Bowl ($19.99)

Crofton 8-Piece Food Storage Set ($2.99)

Boulder Slow Cooker Liners ($1.49)

Grocery Cart Shopping Bag ($7.99)

Lily & Dan Children's Winter Boots ($11.99)

Lily & Dan Children's Winter Gloves or Mittens ($5.99)

Lily & Dan Children's Winter Hat and Glove Set ($5.99)

Fresh Family Pack 80% Lean Beef Patties ($10.00)

Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast ($1.99)

Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey ($1.99)

Park Street Deli Beef Barbacoa ($6.49)

Bake House Creations Pumpkin Cream Cheese or Apple Oatmeal Cookie Dough ($2.49)

Cattlemen's Ranch Shepherd's Pie ($6.99)

Specially Selected Smoked Mozzarella or Braised Beef Ravioli ($3.49)

Nature's Nectar Caramel Apple Cider ($2.89)

Chef's Cupboard Herb or Cornbread Bagged Stuffing ($1.99)

Cheese Club Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese ($1.19)

Chef's Cupboard Classic or Sage & Onion Hawaiian Stuffing Mix ($0.99)

Chef's Cupboard Julienne or Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes ($0.79)

Chef's Cupboard Sour Cream & Chives or Butter & Herb Mashed Potatoes ($0.99)

Chef's Cupboard Turkey or Herb Stuffing Mix ($0.69)

Chef's Cupboard Whole Wheat Turkey or Herbes de Provence Stuffing Mix ($0.89)

Belmont 12-Slice Cheesecake Sampler ($8.99)

Specially Selected Italian Ice Cream Cups ($3.49)

Specially Selected Stone Baked Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza ($3.69)

Specially Selected Spinach & Artichoke or Chicken Enchilada Flatbread Pizza ($3.69)

SimplyNature Sprouted 7-Grain Dinner Rolls ($2.99)

Specially Selected Eggplant Rollatini ($7.99)

SimplyNature Organic Turkey Gravy ($1.79)

Village Bakery Triple Berry Pie ($4.99)

Specially Selected Red Berries or Cream Cheese Brioche ($3.89)

Moser Roth 24 Days of Christmas Nutcracker Advent Calendar ($7.99)

Choceur Premium Advent Calendar ($4.99)

Choceur Advent Calendar ($1.29)

Friendly Farms Greek Whole Milk Yogurt ($3.49)

Little Salad Bar Tuscan or Pesto Chicken Salad ($3.99)

Specially Selected Artisan English Collection ($3.49)

Clancy's Roasted Garlic or Sea Salt Bagel Chips ($1.79)

Specially Selected Lattice Cut Kettle Chips ($2.19)

SimplyNature Organic Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips ($1.99)

Specially Selected Laceys(R) Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies ($3.89)

Specially Selected Waffle Crisps or Almond Thins ($2.69)

Specially Selected Crinkle Cut or Traditional Cut Noodles ($2.49)

Specially Selected Fig or Plum Fruit Spread ($2.49)

Chef's Cupboard Family Size Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup ($1.19)

Chef's Cupboard Family Size Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup ($1.19)

Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing ($2.99)

Source Scented Hand Soap ($1.49)

Boulder 6-Roll Fall Print Towels ($5.49)

Boulder 8-Roll Multi-Size Paper Towels ($6.29)

Boulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil ($2.49)

Dawn Ultra Pure Essentials ($2.44)

all Free & Clear Laundry Detergent ($3.89)

Mama Cozzi's Four Cheese & Pepperoni Deep Dish Crispy Pan Pizza Value Pack ($9.99)

Specially Selected Top Crusted Flounder ($6.99)