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1 January 2022

Ice Cream Maker ($39.99)

JOIE Reusable Straws ($3.99)

Joie Ice Cream Gadgets or Utensils ($3.99)

Insulated Smoothie Tumbler with Straw ($9.99)

Botanika Blends Nice Cream DIY Vegan Protein Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 120g ($4.99)

Botanika Blends Nice Cream DIY Vegan Protein Chocolate Ice Cream 120g ($4.99)

Barker's Fruit Compote Pouches 300g ($3.79)

Nut Toppers 150g-180g ($3.99)

Altimate Choc Wafer Rolls 20pk/150g ($2.49)

Natvia Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Dessert Topping 250ml ($3.99)

Natvia Naturally Sweetened Salted Caramel Dessert Topping 250ml ($3.99)

Waffle or Ice Cream Cone Maker ($14.99)

Supacones Flavoured Waffle Cones 12pk/160g ($3.49)

ShooAway Fly Free Entertaining ($12.99)

Fly Catcher ($5.99)

Citronella Candle 150g ($3.99)

Mosquito Coils 30pk ($4.99)

Outdoor Fly and Mosquito Barrier Spray 350g ($5.99)

Handi Reach Crawling Spray 350g ($5.99)

All in One Multi Insect Spray 300g ($5.99)

3 in 1 Indoor/Outdoor Surface Spray 2L ($9.99)

Ant Killer 500g ($3.99)

Mosquito Wrist Bands 6pk ($5.99)

Outback Personal Insect Repellent 300g ($6.99)

Personal Insect Repellent 300g ($6.99)

Cockroach Baits 12pk ($9.99)

Camphor 4pk ($4.49)