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8 December 2019

ANAF 6kg ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher (£29.99)

Parkside Ash Vacuum Cleaner (£32.99)

Silvercrest Halogen Heater (£16.99)

Silvercrest Electric Stove (£49.99)

Smoke Detector (£4.99)

Livarno Lux LED Desk Lamp (£7.99)

Livarno Lux LED Sensor Light (£4.99)

Silvercrest Adaptor Assortment (£4.99)

Powerfix Profi Assorted Cable Clips, Chipboard Screws and Wall Plugs or Pictures Hooks (£2.99)

Livarno Living Side Table (£12.99)

Livarno Living Stool (£4.99)

Livarno Living Clothes Rail (£16.99)

Silvercrest Ultrasonic Cleaner (£19.99)

Silvercrest Cordless Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (£29.99)

Silvercrest Ultrasonic Humidifier (£29.99)

Vileda Radiator Clothes Airer (£4.99)

Vileda Tower Clothes Airer (£17.99)

Auriol Radio-Controlled Weather Station (£19.99)

VonHause 3-Blade Stove Fan (£19.99)

Candlelight Log Basket (£12.99)