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Home Updates — 4 Oct 2020

Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (£69.99)

Parkside Ash Vacuum Cleaner (£29.99)

Bestway Double Air Bed with Integrated Pump (£39.99)

Livarno Living Storage Bench (£29.99)

Meradiso Large Reversible Rug (£17.99)

Meradiso Small Reversible Rug (£6.99)

Melinera Photo Frames, Tray or Memories Box (£5.99)

Cassetti 3-Storage Unit (£11.99)

Cassetti 4-Storage Unit (£14.99)

Livarno Lux Light Strip with Sensor (£12.99)

Auriol Radio-Controlled Wall Clock (£7.99)

Silvercrest DAB+ Kitchen Radio (£22.99)

Livarno Lux LED Push Lights (£3.99)

Livarno Living LED Light Bulbs (£3.49)

Livarno Lux LED Light Bulb (£1.99)

Parkside Double Draught Excluder (£1.99)