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Heart of the Home — 29 Dec 2014

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools (R) 1,000W Multi-Function Cooking Food Processor (€199.99)

Ernesto(R) 24cm Stainless Steel Pan (€16.99)

Ernesto(R) 28cm Iron Pan (€16.99)

Ernesto(R) Assorted Knives (€2.99)

Ernesto(R) Frying Pan/Griddle Pan/Saucepan (€6.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools (R) 2,400W 1.7L Kettle (€17.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools (R) 715-850W Toaster (€19.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools (R) 2,000W 1.5L Glass Kettle (€29.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen tools (R) 1,200-1,400W Double Long Slot Toaster (€24.99)

Ernesto(R) Stainless Steel Egg Moulds (€1.29)

Cook Books (€2.99)

2L Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle (€7.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools (R) 400W Egg Cooker (€9.99)

Auriol(R) Wall Clock (€5.99)

Vacuum Food Storage Containers (€9.99)

Meradiso(R) Seat Cushions (€7.99)

Ernesto(R) Tea Towels (€3.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools(R) 260W Mini Multi-Chopper (€12.99)

Ernesto(R) Oven Mitt and Oven Glove (€2.99)

Ernesto(R) Kitchen Apron (€4.99)