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Train Like a Pro At Lidl Prices — 25 Apr 2016

CRIVIT PRO(R) Ladies' Cycling Jersey (€11.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Ladies' Cycling Shorts/Jumpsuit (€14.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Men's Cycling Shorts/Suit (€14.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Men's Cycling Jersey (€11.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Cycling Gloves (€4.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Men's Performance Cycling Socks (€2.99)

CRIVIT(R) Bicycle Lock 180cm (€2.99)

CRIVIT(R) Gel Saddle Cover (€4.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Bluetooth(R) Speed & Cadence Sensor (€29.99)

CRIVIT(R) Mini Foot Pump with ManometerCRIVIT(R) Mini Foot Pump with Manometer (€3.99)

CRIVIT(R) Kids' Cycling Helmet (€12.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Photochromic Multi-Sport Glasses (€14.99)

CRIVIT PRO(R) Adult Cycling Helmet (€19.99)

SILVERCREST(R) Full HD WiFi Sports Action Camcorder (€129.99)