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Christmas is coming — 12 Nov 2018

Fitbit flex2 (€59.00)

Wooden Doll's House (€59.00)

Miniature Furniture Set or Set of Doll's House Figures (€7.99)

Wooden Toy (€4.99)

Wooden Puzzle (€4.99)

Wooden Four-Wheeler (without Pedals) or Wooden Rocking Horse (€29.99)

3D Wooden Puzzle (€7.99)

Toy Workbench (€39.99)

Wooden Doll's House Set or Wooden Pirate Ship Set (€34.99)

Wooden Game (€11.99)

Wooden Marble Run (€17.99)

Remote Control Train (€14.99)

Assorted Building Blocks (€9.99)

Ball Run, Noah's Ark or Stacking Train (€17.99)

Wooden Shop Till Set, Scales or Play Food Set (€11.99)

Wooden Food Play Set (€7.99)

Toy Kitchen Game (€11.99)

Wooden Play Kitchen (€69.00)

Ramp Racer Set/ Interlocking Game/ Play Construction Set or Wooden Cog Toy (€9.99)

Emergency Vehicle Set for Wooden Tracks (€9.99)

Wooden Toy Vehicle Set (€3.99)

Multi-Storey Car Park Set, Airport, Port or Wooden Track Set (€14.99)

Wooden Vehicle with Figures (€17.99)

XXL Wooden Train Station Set (€69.99)

Wooden Railway Set (€24.99)

Play Rug, 150x90cm (€11.99)