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Cooking Up A Storm — 13 Nov 2014

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools(R) 1,200W Professional Food Processor (€79.99)

Silvercrest 2,000W Stainless Steel Deep Fryer (€29.99)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools 1,300W Hot Stone Raclette Grill (€24.99)

Silvercrest 1,500W Electric Oven & Grill with Rotisserie (€44.99)

Ernesto Stainless Steel Frying Pan 28cm (€14.99)

Ernesto Assorted Knives (€3.49)

Ernesto Chopping Board (€2.99)

Ernesto 2L Measuring Jug (€2.49)

Ernesto Cutlery Drawer Organiser and Washing-Up Brushes (€4.99)

Ernesto Kitchen Accessories (€1.49)

Ernesto Cooking & Baking Ring Set (€4.99)

Ernesto Pouring Storage Containers (€3.49)

Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Electric Stainless Steel Salt/ Pepper Mill (€6.99)

Ernesto Kids' Cutlery Set (€2.99)

Ernesto Cutlery Set - 24 piece set (€14.99)

Ernesto Forged Aluminium Frying Pan (€9.99)

Ernesto Vinegar or Oil Sprayer (€4.99)

Silvercrest 600W Hand Blender (€11.99)

Glazing Torch Gas Refill 100ml (€1.49)

Ernesto Culinary Glazing Torch (€11.99)

Ernesto Stoneware Casserole Dishes/ Ramekins (€3.49)

Ernesto Baking Tin (€2.49)

Zenker Baking Tin (€4.99)

Ernesto Baking Mat 60x40cm (€3.99)

Ernesto Silicone Muffin Baking Tray (€2.49)

Ernesto Non-Stick Baking Liner Sheet 33 x 40cm (€1.99)

Ernesto Mini Silicone Baking Mould (€1.49)

Ernesto Baking Mould with Glass Base (€4.99)

Ernesto Silicone Baking Mould (€2.99)

Ernesto Silicone Baking Brush & Spatula Set (€2.49)

Ernesto(R) 250W Pastry Press (€6.99)