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Best of Northern Ireland & Ireland — 11 Mar 2019

Goodness Me Filled Pastries (€3.99)

Tipperary Ice Cream (€3.49)

Barry John's Sausages (€2.29)

Connolly's Cook in the Bag Bacon Joint / Gammon Joint (€5.49)

Crowe's Farm Dry Cure Pepper Roasting Joint (€6.99)

Crowe's Farm Pork Jumbo Sausages (€2.99)

Glenn McDowell Pork Sausages (€2.99)

Little Meat Company Pulled Meat (€1.99)

Lisduff Hand Crafted Loin of Bacon (€6.99)

Gearagh Sausages (€2.29)

Gearagh Sausages (€2.79)

Inspire Yogurt Granola Yogurt (€1.49)

Pieman Pies (€2.99)

Kinsale Bay Chicken Liver Pate (€2.29)

Goatsbridge Trout Pate (€2.29)

Kennedy's Cottage Pie / Lasagne (€3.49)

Oh So Lean Mexican Turkey Burger (€2.49)

Mama Nagi's Indian Cooking Paste (€2.99)

Nutcase Handmade Nut Burger (€3.49)

Oh So Lean Low Fat Ready Meals (€3.49)

The Mr.Curry Co. Chinese Curry Paste (€1.99)

Chan Chan Street Sauce (€2.49)

TMT Irish Ketchup (€2.99)

Sussed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil (€2.49)

Irish Atlantic Canned Fish Mackerel Fillets (€1.19)

Black Donkey Brewing Ale / Reel Deel Craft Beer1 (€2.49)

Honest Gluten Free Biscuits (€2.29)

Farmer's Daughter Beef Burgers (€2.99)

Full Kick Start Range In-Store (€1.19)

Deluxe Breakfast Meat Pack (€4.49)

Northern Irish Semi-Skimmed Milk (€1.30)

Fresh Northern Irish Pork Stir Fry (€1.99)

Fresh Northern Irish Pork Loin Roast (€4.99)

Fresh Northern Irish Steak Mince (€2.16)