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Clean With Ease — 20 Apr 2015

Silvercrest 1,500W Steam Mop (€29.99)

Silvercrest 1,050W Handheld Steam Cleaner (€14.99)

Aquapur Dustpan and Brush Set (€1.99)

Ordex Flexible Basket (€2.99)

Silvercrest 3.7V Cordless Window Cleaner Vacuum (€19.99)

Ordex Foot Stool (€2.99)

Aquapur 12L Bucket (€1.49)

Royal 1,400W Centec Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (€39.99)

Royal Animal Hair Vacuum Nozzle Head (€14.99)

Aquapur Flexible Vacuum Cleaner Hose Attachment (€2.49)

Silvercrest Rechargeable Floor Sweeper (€14.99)

Meradiso Step Mat Set (€11.99)

Aquapur 2-in-1 Clothes Airer with Removable Wing (€12.99)

Zoofari Pet Grooming Set (€14.99)