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Fitness Fix — 2 Mar 2015

Crivit Ladies' Lightweight Running Jacket (€7.99)

Crivit Ladies' Performance Vest Top (€3.99)

Crivit Ladies' Running Shorts (€3.99)

Crivit Ladies' Performance Top with Hood (€6.99)

Crivit Ladies' Capri Running Trousers (€5.99)

Crivit Ladies' Performance Top (€4.99)

Crivit Men's Compression Top (€4.99)

Crivit Ladies' or Men's Running Gilet (€9.99)

Crivit Men's Running Shorts (€4.99)

Crivit Unisex Running Insoles (€3.99)

Crivit Unisex Running Gloves (€2.99)

Crivit Men's Fitness T-Shirt (€4.99)

Crivit Men's Running Trousers (€6.99)

Crivit Ladies' or Men's Running Socks (€2.49)

Crivit 9L Running Backpack (€7.99)

Crivit Ladies' or Men's Running Shoes (€15.99)

Medisana Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Belt (€14.99)

Auriol Sports Watch (€4.99)

Crivit Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Chest Monitor and Pedometer (€17.99)

Sensiplast Kinesiology Tape (€7.99)

Auriol Mini Sports Watch (€4.99)

CRIVIT Running Accessories (€2.99)