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DIY Deals — 14 Jul 2016

PARKSIDE 1,500W Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (€59.99)

SILVERCREST Premium Wireless Doorbell (€7.99)

LIVARNO LIVING Stainless Steel Letterbox (€29.99)

PARKSIDE 2,000W Table Saw (€99.00)

PARKSIDE 120W Fret Saw (€59.99)

POWERFIX Screwdriver Set (€3.99)

POWERFIX All Purpose Tool Case (€19.99)

POWERFIX Ratchet/Precision Knife Set (€3.99)

POWERFIX 30m Multi-Purpose Cord (€4.99)

PATTEX Motor Maintenance Accessories (€2.99)

POWERFIX Ball Head Hex Key Set (€3.99)

UHU Super Glue (€1.49)

POWERFIX Cable Tie Set (€1.99)

POWERFIX Bit Set/ Drill Bit Set (€2.99)

POWERFIX Screwdriver and Bolt Remover Set (€2.99)

POWERFIX Cordless SDS Hammer Drill (€49.99)

POWERFIX Small Parts Organiser (€8.99)

POWERFIX Household Accessories (€2.49)

LIVARNO LUX LED Torch (€5.99)

LIVARNO LUX LED Solar Spotlight (€24.99)

LIVARNO LUX LED Recessed Lights (€9.99)

POWERFIX Multi-Purpose Ladder (€39.99)

PARKSIDE 310W Sanding Roller (€29.99)

POWERFIX Aluminium Flat Bed Trolley (€24.99)

POWERFIX Men's Work Trousers (€8.99)

LIVERGY Men's T-Shirt (€5.99)

POWERFIX Men's Leather S3 Safety Shoes (€19.99)

Men's Work Socks (€3.99)