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DIY Deals — 2 Nov 2017

PARKSIDE 20V Li-Ion Cordless Drill (€39.99)

POWERFIX Drill Stand (€16.99)

POWERFIX 10m Cable Reel (€9.99)

PARKSIDE 30W Soldering Station with LED Magnifying Glass and Soldering Iron (€24.99)

POWERFIX Hand Riveter Set (€4.99)

POWERFIX Japanese Saw (€7.99)

POWERFIX Chisel Set (€6.99)

PARKSIDE Drill Bit Set (€3.99)

PARKSIDE Bit Set (€3.99)

POWERFIX Double Blade Folding Knife (€4.99)

POWERFIX Mens Reversible Hoody (€14.99)

POWERFIX Mens Leather S3 Safety Boots/Shoes (€19.99)

POWERFIX Mens Work Trousers (€9.99)

LIVERGY Mens Low Rise Work Socks (€2.99)

POWERFIX Work Gloves (€5.99)

PARKSIDE 250W Wet/Dry Grinder (€29.99)

PARKSIDE Double Grinder with Flexible Shaft (€29.99)

PARKSIDE 1,300W Demolition Hammer (€79.99)

PARKSIDE 2,500W Fan Heater (€39.99)

3M Universal Tape (€2.99)

POWERFIX Universal Tape 48mm x 10m (€2.49)

POWERFIX Aluminium Flat Bed Trolley (€24.99)

POWERFIX Tap & Die Set (€9.99)

ANAF 6Kg Fire Extinguisher (€21.99)

TRONIC Battery Assortment (€1.99)

POWERFIX Complete Sanding Set (€4.99)

POWERFIX Assorted Tools (€2.49)

POWERFIX Profile Rubber Seal/ Underdoor Sealing Brush (€1.99)

POWERFIX 5m Sink and Drain Cleaner (€3.99)

POWERFIX Cable Tie Set (€1.99)