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6 July 2022

Huntington Home 20" x 48" Body Pillow ($12.99)

Huntington Home 5' x 7' Plush or Berber Area Rug ($24.99)

Huntington Home Over-the-Door Hooks ($8.99)

Huntington Home 2' x 4' Plush or Berber Rug ($6.99)

Huntington Home Backrest ($14.99)

Huntington Home 2' x 6' Berber Stripe Utility Runner ($9.99)

Crofton Mini Color Pop Wood Boards ($8.99)

Crofton Cereal Container & Food Storage Set ($14.99)

Huntington Home Wellness Candle ($4.99)

Huntington Home Single-Wick Candle ($1.89)

Belavi 10-Lumen Solar Pathlight ($12.99)

Belavi Wooden Porch Rocker ($89.99)

Belavi 10' Offset Solar LED Umbrella ($119.99)

Belavi Folding Recliner ($69.99)

Belavi Sling Folding Chair ($24.99)

Belavi Chaise Lounge ($69.99)

Ferrex Electric Spreader ($18.99)

Gardenline Heavy-Duty Kink Control Garden Hose ($19.99)

Gardenline Soaker Hose ($9.99)

Adventuridge Cold Weather Hooded Sleeping Bag ($19.99)

Adventuridge 4-in-1 Airbed ($29.99)

Bestway Flip, Beach Bed or Fashion Lounge ($9.99)

Bikemate Adult or Kids' Bike Helmet ($18.99)

Bikemate LED Bike Light Set ($9.99)

Crane Bodyboard ($10.99)

Crane Backpack Chair or Lounger ($39.99)

Crane Dice, Dominoes or Ring Toss ($14.99)

Crane Flip Top Cooler ($19.99)

Gardenline Children's Gardening Tool Assorted Varieties ($4.49)

Heart to Tail Pet Flotation Aid ($16.99)

Royal Class Men's Footbed Sandals ($11.99)

Royal Class/Serra Men's or Ladies' Lounge Shorts ($9.99)

Serra Ladies' Summer Dress ($9.99)

Mother Earth Cali Creamsicle ($11.99)

Frostie Root Beer or Blue Cream 4-Pack Soda ($3.24)

Nature's Nectar Sparkling Strawberry Juice Assorted Varieties ($3.79)

Bake Shop Pineapple Coconut or Cinnamon Bun Mini Muffins ($2.89)

Bake Shop Cookies and Cream Mini Cupcakes ($3.89)

YoCrunch Strawberry Oreo and M&M Yogurt ($5.72)

Friendly Farms Moo Tubes Cherry and Watermelon ($1.55)

Rana Pesto Sauce ($3.59)

Fremont Fish Market Value Pack Pollock Fillets ($7.99)

Home Run Inn Classic 12" Sausage Pepperoni Pizza ($6.98)

Oreo Dessert Bars ($5.29)

Season's Choice Cheesy Jalapeño or Loaded Tots ($3.99)

Season's Choice Seaside or Green Dream Smoothie Blends ($6.99)

Specially Selected Ready to Roast Mediterranean or Sweet Potato Blend ($2.99)

Steak-umm Sliced Steaks ($4.99)

Sundae Shoppe Rose Cones Assorted Varieties ($3.99)

Never Any! Ground Bison ($7.99)

Never Any! Fresh Lamb Loin Chops ($9.99)

Benton's Coconut Rolls ($3.99)

General Mills Original Bugles ($2.49)

General Mills Dunkaroos ($1.79)

Haribo Pineapple or Blue Raspberry Gold Bears ($0.99)

Meiji Hello Panda ($3.29)

Moser Roth Assorted Summer Flavor Filled Chocolate Bars ($2.49)

PEZ Assorted Varieties ($1.98)

Werther's Original Chocolate Covered or Vanilla Creme Soft Caramels ($2.18)

Easy Home 29" Tower Fan ($26.99)

Easy Home USB or Battery Powered 5" Fan ($9.99)

Easy Home Portable LED Air Cooler ($22.99)

Easy Home 18" High-Velocity Floor Fan ($59.99)

Easy Home Sink Scrubbing Assortment ($2.85)

Gain Fireworks Assorted Varieties ($10.94)

Gain Dish Detergent Assorted Varieties ($1.94)

Gain Flings Original or Moonlight Breeze ($12.94)

Gain Fabric Softener Original or Moonlight Breeze ($10.94)

Gain Original Liquid Laundry Detergent ($15.94)

O'Cedar 3-Piece Broom Set ($12.99)

Range Master Multipurpose Lighters 2-Pack ($4.79)