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3 August 2016

Medion 15.6" Notebook ($499.99)

Medion 10" Tablet ($159.99)

Medion Folding Mini Bluetooth(R) Keyboard ($24.99)

Medion 64 GB Micro SD Memory Card ($14.99)

Easy Home Hanging Closet Organizer Assortment ($4.99)

Easy Home Club Chair ($24.99)

Easy Home 20-Piece Number Cut Haircut Kit ($12.99)

Easy Home Organizational Tray ($4.99)

Easy Home Ionic Hair Dryer ($14.99)

Easy Home Foldable Storage Ottoman ($9.99)

Crane 6-Pairs Ladies' or Men's Cushion Socks ($4.99)

Huntington Home Never Flat Jumbo Bed Pillow ($6.99)

Huntington Home Backrest ($9.99)

Huntington Home 6' L x 4' W Rug ($14.99)

Aloe Vera Plant ($3.99)

Serra Ladies' 2-Pack Ribbed Tank Tops ($6.99)

Serra Ladies' Yoga Pants ($8.99)

Pembrook Pencil Pouch ($2.99)

Pembrook 12" L x 9" W Construction Paper or Sketch Pad ($1.49)

BIC Writing Utensils ($1.89)

Lava Lite Classic Lava Lamp ($9.99)

Crayola Grades 4-6 or K-Grade 3 School Art Kit ($8.99)

School Zone Big Workbook Assortment ($4.99)

School Zone Flashcard Assortment ($1.99)

Master Lock Lock Assortment ($3.49)

Lunch Mate Family Size Deli Meat ($3.99)

SimplyNature Organic Fruit or Veggie Squeezies ($2.29)

SimplyNature Applesauce Cups ($1.49)

Peanut DelightCrunchy Peanut Butter ($2.69)

Benton's Mini Bear Grahams Snack Packs ($3.99)

Benton's Mini Creme Cookies ($3.99)

Benton's Mini Sandwich Cremes ($1.19)

Millville Granola Nuggets ($3.99)

Millville Oat Squares Cereal ($2.49)

Millville Frosted Shredded Wheat ($1.99)

Lunch Buddies Tropical Banana Applesauce Cups ($1.49)

Savoritz Portion Pack Baked Cheddar Penguin Crackers ($2.99)

Savoritz Cheese Dip & Pretzel Sticks ($1.19)

Clancy's Lightly Salted Wavy Potato Chips ($1.49)

Bon Italia Mini Beef Ravioli ($1.69)

Fit & Active Chocolate Caramel or Cranberry Walnut Protein Meal Bars ($3.99)

Southern Grove 8-Pack Trail Mix ($3.99)

PurAqua ElectroWater Electrolyte Enhanced Water ($2.99)

Elevation by Millville Pure and Simple Bars ($4.79)

Pringles Snack Stack Variety Pack ($5.99)

Black Forest Fruit Snacks With Juicy Burst Centers ($3.99)

Nestlé Nesquik Chocolate Milk Mix ($4.39)

Sunny Delight Citrus Punch ($1.99)

Jif To Go Creamy Peanut Butter ($2.19)

Apple & Eve Fruitables Juice Boxes ($2.89)

Clancy's Cinnamon Apple Straws ($1.99)

Clancy's Potato Chip Combo Bag ($3.99)

Clancy's Baked Potato Crisps ($1.49)

Clancy's Lightly Salted Pretzel Mini Twists ($1.29)

Clancy's Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips ($1.39)

Clancy's Sriracha Kettle Chips ($1.79)

Belmont Fruit Bars ($1.99)

Belmont Moose Tracks Ice Cream ($2.49)

Benton's Chocolate Chip Dunkers ($3.89)

Benton's Cookie Tub ($3.89)

Benton's Fudge Covered Grahams ($1.19)

Southern Grove Pistachios ($7.49)

Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar ($1.99)

Fresh Family Pack Chicken Drumsticks ($0.69)

Fresh USDA Choice Twin Pack Strip Steaks ($6.99)

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen 16" Extreme Bacon Deli Pizza ($5.99)

Parkview BBQ Pork or Hawaiian Sausage ($2.49)

Parkview Greek Chicken Sausage ($2.49)

Happy Farms Preferred Cheese Slices ($2.29)

Happy Farms Preferred Ghost Pepper Jack or White Buffalo Jack Cheese ($2.99)

Bremer Stuffed Sandwich Value Pack ($8.99)

Bremer Breaded Chicken Sliders ($1.99)

Bremer Chicken Skillet Meals ($2.99)

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Pizza ($3.99)

Fusia Tempura Chicken ($4.99)

Season's Choice Whole Grain Blends ($1.99)

KirkwoodFlaming Hot Wings ($7.99)

Huy Fong Sriracha Salsa ($2.49)

Huy Fong Sriracha Ketchup ($2.39)

Casa Mamita Diced Tomatoes With Green Chiles and Habaneros ($0.59)

Specially Selected Red Pepper Jelly or Pineapple Jalapeño Spread ($1.99)

Mimosa ($8.99)

O'Donnells Raspberry Cheesecake ($8.99)