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26 Jan 2022

Auto XS Car Organizers


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Description Description
- 2-Pack Gap Storage, Pop-Up Trash Can with Lid, Cargo Net or Hand Gel DispenserGap Storage
- 2 pack
- Catches loose items and debris from falling into the hard to reach crevice of your car
- Fits between seats or in door pockets
- Organizes everyday items for easy accessPop-Up Trash Can with Lid
- Easy to install with included Velcro strip on the bottom
- Helps keep your car clean and organized
- Durable flip-top lid
- Hangs from headrest or sits on the floor
- Collapses for storage when not in useCargo Net
- A great storage solution for cars, trunks, RVs and SUVs
- Keep loose items secure in car
- Three separate compartments
- Headrest mounting hooks included
- Easy to install with 4 included hooksHand Gel Dispenser
- Easily clean hands while in car
- Can refill hand sanitizer by yourself
- Bottom Diameter: 2.75"
- Length: 6.2"
- Product Code: 809503