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1 Aug 2020

Assorted Dynagrip Epoxy Putty or SOS Silicone Tape 3m


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- Assortment of easy to use repair epoxies to suit a range of applications – simply cut, mix and apply
- Self adhering SOS tape forms a permanent, waterproof and airtight seal for repairing pipes, vents, ducts, hoses, tool handles and moreSOS Silicone Tape

- Self-adhering, insulating tape that forms a permanent, waterproof, airtight seal when cured
- Flexible silicone-based material stretches up to 3 times its original length around uneven shapes
- Resists weathering, saltwater and UV rays
- Leaves no residue when removed
- Withstands -50°C to +260°C temperatures
- Dimensions: 25mm x 3m
Epoxy available to suit the following:
General Repair Epoxy 55g

- Suitable to repair auto trims, concrete, bricks, broken or loose wall and floor tiles or mend toys and appliances Copper Repair Epoxy 55g

- 149ºC temperature resistant
- Suitable for repairs to leaking household hot water lines and other plumbing problems, or to seal copper gutters, downpipes and leaks in other pipesConcrete Repair Epoxy 55g

- 149ºC temperature resistant
- Suitable for patching floors, curbs, steps, mortar, brick re-pointing, chipped concrete or repairing tiles or cracks and seamsUnderwater Repair Epoxy 55g

- Works on wet, damp and dry surfaces, even underwater
- 149ºC temperature resistant
- Suitable for patching dings, holes and gouges or repairing decks and hulls, pools and spas, marine recreational equipment and gutters and tanksWood Repair Epoxy 28g

- 149ºC temperature resistant
- Suitable for rebuilding scratches, dry rot, knot holes, gouges and cracks, stripped screw holes or reshaping handles and knobs, and restoring furnitureAluminium Repair Epoxy Putty 55g

- Suitable for repairs on gutters, windows, boats and caravans or filling cracks and holes